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Angela Ewing-Boyd, LICSW, CYT

Clinical Social Worker & Mindfulness Facilitator and Yoga Teacher


Angela Ewing-Boyd is a multidisciplinary health and wellness professional focused on individual therapy and mindfulness practice and deeply involved in community-centered, justice-driven social change.

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At the Zanasa Center, we believe that you are inherently wise, worthy, and loveable.


Our mission to help you gain greater access to these capacities through individualized, holistic, and collaborative therapy, mindfulness classes, or advocacy services.

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A Bit About Me & Mindfulness...

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​As a child experiencing physical and verbal bullying at school, I would often try to pray, but my mind would jump from fear to fear. Discovering meditation during those years helped me quiet the anxious thoughts so that I could find strength in prayers.


I am no guru, but in this wild and unpredictable year, mindfulness has expanded my capacity to meet some challenges with calm and have a center to return when I am swept up in a storm of tribulations.  

I have also found that mindfulness is an indispensable complement to psychotherapy. Mindfulness allows us to be aware of feelings as they arise and notice when we are being taken for a ride by our emotions so that we can make a conscious choice about where we would like our mind to go next. “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”― Viktor E. Frankl


If you would like to participate in a class but don't see the time listed please contact me with your days and times of availability. For five or more people we can create an additional course. To access the sliding scale, review the sliding scale page and email me for a coupon.  



Washington, DC 20011

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